In 2020, of all motor vehicle fatalities, 77.6% were reported as not restrained when the fatal crash occurred.

  • Always Wear Your Seat Belt. Most fatal crashes happen within 25 miles from home and at speeds of less than 40 mph. Just by buckling up, your rate of survival in a car or truck increases by 40-65%, Respectively!
  • Ejection Prevention. Unfortunately, occupants are 30x more likely to be ejected during a crash when NOT wearing a seat belt.  Safety belts keep you in place to allow for other safety devices (i.e., air bags) to work properly without injuries.
  • Even The Best Need to Buckle Up. Bad weather, mechanical failures, or tire blowouts exist. No matter how good we are, the unpredictable exists. Wearing a seat belt protects not only the head but our spinal cord.

People who are in the habit of using a safety belt during work hours also are more likely to buckle up when they are off the clock.

The driver, each front-seat occupant in the vehicle and all children six years of age and less than 18 years of age must wear occupant protection systems and all occupant protection systems worn are properly adjusted and fastened.

Four steps to protect Your Teams:

1. Create a Policy

2. Schedule a Free Traffic Safety Presentation

3. Free Resources For Your Campaign!

4. Conduct a seat belt observation