Seat Belt Safety Award

Thank you for your interest in the National Safety Council – Nebraska Chapter (NSCN) Seat Belt Safety Award! We appreciate your dedication to saving lives through seat belt usage. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of on-the-job fatalities and is the third leading cause of death in the United States. The Seat Belt Safety Award is an effort by NSCN to recognize those dedicated to saving lives through seat belt use. Nebraska businesses, schools, and organizations are encouraged to apply.

A Seat Belt Safety Award recipient earns safety recognition while playing an integral part in saving the lives of employees, family members and friends.

How to apply:

If your organization rates less than 90% we recommend:

Organizations that do not obtain 90% usage, but have an increase of 10% or more are placed on the National Safety Council – Nebraska Chapter’s Honor Roll.

Seat Belt Observance Protocol:

The observation period will last approximately an hour. It’s ideal to plan the observation around times of high drive times (i.e., start or end of the work day). Using the observation survey form, tally front seat passengers if present (if not present, mark NP) and driver of vehicle. Only front seat passengers will be observed.