Newsletter: Work Zone Tips

August 20, 2022

In a survey conducted by the Association of General Contractors of America and HCSS Software Solutions, 58% of respondents said they are at greater risk now of highway work zone crashes compared to one year ago. You can address the “why” as you work to build your culture of road safety during the summer construction period.

Survey participants cited three primary factors for their heightened levels of anxiety in work zones:

Share the complete results at your location: 2022 Work Zone Survey National Results.

When roads are under construction, drivers often are required to shift lanes and navigate on uneven pavement surfaces. One collision can turn into a chain-reaction event when drivers fail to slow down or are following other vehicles too closely. Risks increase during inclement weather and at night because of reduced visibility.

Take steps to raise awareness of safety issues:

In Nebraska, drivers and their passengers accounted for the majority of deaths in work zone crashes in 2020.

These aren’t just statistics. Think about the impact every preventable death has on that person’s coworkers, loved ones and friends. Get free resources  to prevent more tragedies:

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