4 Ways to Ensure You’ve Got Happy Feet

April 5, 2022

These are common elements within a school’s traffic system that indicate to drivers to slow down, exercise caution and anticipate stopping for pedestrians. For student pedestrians, use of traffic controls and designated crosswalks can help to ensure a safer journey to the classroom and home. Based on site safety observations, here are four ways to ensure those happy feet travel safely:

Recognizing Hazards & Working Together: It’s important for employers and their contractors to establish safe and designated walking paths around construction zones present in and around their facilities, especially when construction barricades obstruct pre-existing pathways used by pedestrians.

By mitigating risks with safety and customer service in mind, these efforts could benefit pedestrians of all ages and abilities visiting your campus or facility.

Sharing Responsibilities: Driver and pedestrian safety must co-exist harmoniously to reduce incidents.

In situations like these where there are designated crosswalks, but additional support is needed for the safety of student pedestrians, it helps to provide a trained crossing guard or a traffic monitor.

Be Seen & Manage Environmental Factors: Look around and be seen. Listen and be heard. Where crosswalks and roadways begin and end, keep those happy feet safe by constantly scanning the environment, being visible and staying alert.

Avoid Taking Short-Cuts: If the nearest crosswalk requires pedestrians to walk further out of the way to cross the street safely, how likely are they to take that route?

Where crosswalks and roadways begin and end, let’s keep those happy feet safe by recognizing and mitigating walkway hazards, knowing the rules of sharing the road, being aware of environmental factors and avoiding unsafe shortcuts. Your safety is worth it.

Brenda Avery is a risk management coordinator, CSRM, with the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas. All views and opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the NISD.

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