In 2020, of all motor vehicle fatalities, 77.6% were reported as not restrained when the fatal crash occurred.

  • Just by buckling up, your rate of survival in a car and truck increases by 40-65%, Respectively!
  • Seat belts are the least expensive and most effective way to lower employer costs due to crashes and injuries. Businesses and schools with a written policy requiring employees to buckle up in a company vehicle or on company business have higher on-the-job safety belt usage.
  • People who are in the habit of using a safety belt during work hours also are more likely to buckle up when they are off the clock.

Four steps to protect:

1. Create a Policy

Develop a formal, written policy stating the company’s position on seat belt use and distractions while driving.


2. Communicate the Importance

Effective policies are communicated often and in various forms. Send regular messaging to employees via emails, newsletters, social media and training sessions to reinforce the policy.


3. Schedule an Educational Seat Belt Presentation

National Safety Council, Nebraska offers an educational presentation about seat belt usage for your staff at no cost to you.


4. Conduct a seat belt observation

Perform an unannounced check to observe seat belt usage. The Seat Belt Safety Award is an effort by NSCN to recognize those dedicated to saving lives through seat belt use. Nebraska businesses, schools, and organizations are encouraged to apply.