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Safe Choices Today, No Regrets Tomorrow

September 1, 2021

During the final days of summer, we will delight in the rituals. There will be parades, pool parties and backyard barbeques. We also will cringe when we hear the stories of celebrations gone awry. You know the kind: A guy breaks his arm falling from a rock. A gal is distracted and crashes her car […]

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Slam the Brakes on Crashes

August 25, 2021

Rear-end crashes occur frequently and often result in property damage, injuries and fatalities. These types of crashes typically involve driver distraction, speeding and tailgating – behaviors that challenge all employers. Some incidents occur because … A distracted driver slams into another vehicle that is slowing down on the highway for upcoming traffic or road construction […]

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Time is Ripe to Rethink Our Driving Habits

August 6, 2021

During the height of the pandemic, many who traveled considered open roads as an open invitation to speed and push safety limits. No doubt, a few stories in the news caught your attention, like the one involving three men who reportedly drove from New York to Los Angeles in under 27 hours. To cover that distance […]

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Let’s All Pull Together to Share the Roads

August 4, 2021

When children return to the classroom in this post-pandemic environment, traffic will ramp up again, particularly before the start of each school day and after the final bell rings. Employers can prepare by working with employees to promote safe driving habits to keep the walkways and roadways safe for pedestrians. You’ve heard it said that […]

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Parking Lots, Hot Cars and Distraction

July 20, 2021

Focus is Job 1 when it comes to driver and transportation safety. We know distractions raise risks and create safety challenges, so we developed a new toolkit to help you address the role of distraction when it comes to pedestrians, parking lots and hot cars. Did you know that one in every five crashes occurs […]

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Man in a Motorcycle with helmet and gloves

Riding on the Winds of Safety

June 18, 2021

Riding on the Winds of Safety Some view motorcycles as “cool” or “fun” and live for that energized feeling that comes from riding in the summer breeze. Others view motorcycles in much the same way as they view meditation or exercise and ride because they are searching to improve their mental and physical wellbeing. Just […]

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